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Posted by Kevin Jankay on 4/10/23 8:38 AM
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What are Roadmap Events?

Roadmap events are dates on the calendar that you want the company to be made aware of. These are typically external events that will impact your product plans.

Some Examples:

  • Alert the development team they will need to complete the prototype to show at a national tradeshow
  • Note when the corporate summit is and when all plans need to be completed by
  • Show when new legal restrictions will be in effect
  • Tell the entire company a product is sunsetting





Setting Different Types of Events

Different people will want to see different types of events, which is why we let you set types and then allow the viewer show or hide which types of events they would like to see in the various roadmaps in our system.

event view settings


Creating and Editing an Event

On the roadmaps, you will see a new icon that will let you create a new event.

events-add icon


Clicking on this will allow you to create an event.



To edit the event, hover over the marker to reveal the event details, and click the "edit" link.





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