[Live] The New Settings Section, Global Stages and Statuses

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 6/28/23 10:19 AM
Kevin Jankay
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In our effort to constantly improve our app to make it the best tool for product managers, we will be moving and renaming a few things.


New Settings Section

Introducing the new Settings location (que trumpets blowing).

In order to streamline the workspace setup, we have removed a few items from the main menu on the left, and placed them into their own settings section - which can now be found in the top-right. 

But don't worry, none of your settings have changed
This will allow you access to all the workspace settings.

Please note, the list of settings are subject to the specific terminology you have setup in your workspace and may look different than shown above.


Stages and Statuses

The eagle-eyed ones might have also noticed that stages and statuses are now separated from the Capabilities section and on their own. This is because we are broadening these concepts and will be applying them globally to additional items in the near future - such as plans and features.

This will allow you to have a single, common language that all your teams can use to communicate the progress and work being done. 

Please stay tuned for more as we start to roll these global stages and statuses across more parts of our application.