[Live] Separate multiple milestones of a major plan with child plans

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 8/17/23 9:39 AM
Kevin Jankay
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Breakout multiple child-plans to detail your rollout

When planning a major product line release, you may need to go beyond a specific point in time to show how the plan would get released in phases. For example, you might have various products that get rolled out across various markets at different times. Our child-Plans will allow you to detail those releases.

Child-plans will be created through your data synching procedure

If we haven't already, we will be reaching out to you to work with your data teams to synch your current child-plans in Gocious. This will be transparent to you, as your roadmap will be updated automatically.

Child plans in Financial Roadmaps

When reviewing a financial roadmap, all "parent" plans that match the filter criteria will appear as cards and be used in the financial calculations. The child-plans will appear as dots, but will not be used in the projection calculations.
However, if the child plan matches the filter criteria, while the parent plan does not, then the child plan will appear as a card on the roadmap, and will be included in the projection calculations. You will be able to distinguish the plan as having a parent by the circular icon, instead of the diamond.
In short - if you see a card on the financial roadmap, it will be used in the projection calculations. If you do not see a full card, it will not.

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