[Live] Gocious Unveils Custom Formulas for Financial Projections

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 8/7/23 1:01 PM
Kevin Jankay
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Gocious has just launched a new feature that allows users to customize their financial projections. This innovative addition enables users to fine-tune financial metric calculations, directly impacting projections within Gocious' platform. Additionally, users can now selectively exclude less relevant metrics from projections, providing precise focus on key aspects of strategy. Users gain control over shaping their projections, ensuring decisions are data-driven and tailored to their unique needs.

Navigate uncertainty confidently with Gocious' customizable financial projections and revolutionize your approach to strategy and product development.


How to Setup Your Financial Projections

The process is user-friendly: it just takes a few clicks to set up your projection metric calculation formulas and generate your financial projections.


Editing the Formula

From the Financial Settings page, you will see the current projection formula for each financial metric. To edit this, simply click the “edit” link below.

Here, you can toggle on, or off the metric from the financial projections.

If off, you will not see that financial metric in the projection column on the financial roadmap.

If on, you will be able to edit the formula that calculates the financial projections.

To edit the formula, you can drag relevant elements and operators to create your formula. This will allow you to select baseline attributes and sum or average of plan attributes in your formula.


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