[Live] Feature Implementation Roadmaps

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 9/26/23 1:42 PM
Kevin Jankay
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When managing complex product programs, it is critical that everyone involved is aligned and knows exactly what features need to be developed, and then integrated with the upcoming product releases.

This is where feature implementation roadmaps come in.

Product teams can provide a vision for new product(s), and a primary plan as to when they should be released into the market. The engineering teams can then detail the features that will deliver on those objectives and provide timelines for completion.

The product teams can then use this information to track progress to make sure development is remaining on schedule and adjust accordingly if it is not. 


The Feature Implementation Roadmap

The Feature Implementation will display:

  • Filters that will allow you to narrow the scope of the feature implementation roadmap
  • The list of features that match those filters (along the left side)
  • Each plan that uses that feature (the cards along the timeline)
  • Events 



How do I access the Feature Implementation Roadmap?

You will find a link to the Feature Implementation Roadmap in your main navigation. 


What do I need to do to set it up?

Nothing. The roadmap will run off the information you already have in the system. 

  • The Start and End dates of the feature - found in the Feature Overview panel - will set the duration of the feature's availability
  • Features are added to the plans in their normal fashion and will populate the cards on the roadmap for that feature