[Live] Attribute Grouping

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 3/3/23 8:31 AM
Kevin Jankay
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Organize your attributes through grouping

If you deal with a lot of attributes and specifications, it can get cumbersome to look at one giant list. Now, you can create groups for your attributes to present them in a logical manner and more quickly find what you are looking for.

Once you group your attributes, you will now see your attributes and specifications presented in those groups as you navigate through the application.



Select the Attribute's group in the library

When creating or editing your attribute, you will now be able to select to place the attribute into any existing group.


You can create a new group from here as well.
Simply enter the name of the group you want to create in the search bar and click the "Create New" link at the bottom.


Some things to be aware of

  • The Attribute grouping is applied across your workspace
  • Any attributes that are not in a group will be found in a default "unassigned" group.
  • Users will be able to order the display of groups or attributes within a group in the near future